Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need for a Hot Yoga class? 

A mat, a towel (preferably a bath towel, not a hand towel) and water.

Can I rent mats & towels? 

Due to current COVID safety measures, you cannot rent these items in the studio. 

Do you have a place to store my belongings?

Only your mat, towel and water go into the room with you.  Everything else can stay safely in the reception area.  Large windows in the studio mean you can see the reception area clearly & know your belongings are safe. 

Do you have shower facilities?

Yes, but due to COVID safety measures, the shower cannot be used. 
We have a toilet and changing room that you can use. 

Can I eat before class?

It depends on the class and it’s different for everyone.  The general rule is no food for 2 hours prior to a 90 minute class.

I’ve never done yoga, is Hot Yoga safe for me?

YES it is. All of our classes are beginner friendly and you need no prior knowledge of yoga to have a great first class!  

Why do you heat the room?

The heat increases your range of motion & can add more ease & accessibility to your yoga practice. The warmer you are, the easier & safer it is for your muscles to stretch. This can allow you to reach further or go deeper in more challenging postures. 

Does the studio feel like a sauna?

No it’s definitely not like a sauna at all – much cooler in fact!  It’s more like wrapping yourself in a nice warm blanket.

Do I need to book classes in advance?

Yes, it’s a good idea to book into any classes you wish to practice in the studio. Class sizes are limited and this will help ensure you have a spot in the room.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel an in studio class up to 6 hour ahead of the class. This allows time for us to fill the space with another member, ensuring everyone who wants to practice, can! Cancellations within the 6 hour window will result in a £5 cancellation fee.



Please remove your shoes & leave them in reception. No shoes in the yoga room.   
There hooks for clothes and personal belongings in the reception area. 


No mobile phones - please ensure mobile phones are switched off or on silent & left in reception. 


No perfumes or fragrance. 


Talking in the Yoga Room; 

  • Before Class: Introduce yourself to the next mat. We encourage talking in the yoga room before class.  

  • After Class: please refrain from any conversations in the yoga room for 10 minutes following class.   


Take a break ANY TIME YOU NEED during class by sitting or lying quietly on your mat. Resist the urge to leave your mat.  It’s much safer to stay on your mat and focus on your breathing. 


The studio opens 15-30 minutes prior to the start of the class.  


Please arrive early if it’s your first class so we have time to get you set up and you have time to settle in.    


Please put all litter in the bins provided. 



An Important Reminder about our IN STUDIO Classes;


If you will be attending a class at the studio, please follow the guidelines we have put in place, to ensure you and those around you stay safe; 

Arrive Promptly and Ready

The studio doors will open 15 minutes before class. If you arrive late, you will not be permitted to join the class. Please arrive dressed for your class as space to change is limited.

Bring Your Own Equipment

We are not offering equipment rentals at this time. 
Please bring your own water bottle, mat, strap, block, towel and a bag to put towel into after class.

Temperature Check

We will do a temperature check before you enter the studio with a non-contact thermometer. Your temperature must be below 37.5 degrees Celsius to be permitted into the studio.

Sanitize Your Hands

For your own safety and the safety of those around you, please sanitize your hands upon entry and exit from hot room, as well as reception area. We will have sanitizing stations throughout the studio.

Don't Forget Your Mask!

When you are not on your mat, you MUST wear your mask. It is not a requirement to wear your mask whilst practicing, but you can if you wish to do so.

Stay on Your Mat for Duration of Class

Please stay on your mat throughout the class so we can keep within social distancing guidelines. If a situation arises where you need to leave your mat, please get attention of a team member who will assist you

Practice Social Distancing

We have signage in place, including clear floor markings, to help members remain 2m apart.  Once you've entered the studio, put your belongings in the reception area then head straight into the hot room. Please use the floor markings in the hot room to correctly align your mat. 

After Class

Put your sweaty towel into your bag before entering the reception area. Only two people can leave the hot room at a time.  When you leave hot room, gather your personal belongings and exit the studio. There are strictly no social gatherings to be had in reception area.